What’s the Story About?

I don’t understand why the description of the story is so difficult. I wrote a complete novel, yet can’t write another 100 words summarizing the story? Weird. Honestly though, I don’t think I’m the only author that’s run into this issue. There wouldn’t be so many help articles out there if it was the easiest task for an author. 

This week I’ve taken a lot of time to draft several descriptions. After half a dozen sub-par descriptions, I think I’ve finally got the perfect one… 

Thrown in a world riddled with creatures of the Darkness, Kira finds her strength from her Taliesin friends, whom are ready to show her the new magical abilities she has as a Sade. Not just one of the regular folk anymore, Kira can now wield water energy and defeat the vicious, deadly foes that lurk outside city walls. There’s one problem though – she can’t remember her past life before becoming a Sade. Not only must Kira learn to control her spells, she must also find the missing memories of a shattered past, and put her family back together.

What do you think? Too long? Too short? Too wordy? Opinions, suggestions, thoughts, and hate mail welcome. Okay, maybe not the hate mail, but all other comments appreciated!