First Novel Coming Soon

I never know what to say on the all-important first post of a new blog. Odd, because I’m a writer by nature.  But I’m pretty sure you could care less about my background, credentials, how many kids I have (or don’t have), or any other detailed introductions you might have read in the past.

So, I’ll just start here….

Hi. I’m Dawn Juniper Stevens and I’m an author who likes writing fantasy novels. 

There. Now, let’s move on to what this blog post is really about… My very first published novel.


When Kira finds herself in a strange place with no idea who she is and new magical abilities, she sets out on a journey to find her place in a world engulfed in Darkness and magic. With two Taliesin friends as her guides, Kira must put back the pieces of her missing life. 

That, of course, is the short description of the story. It may or may not be it’s final description. Like everything we authors write, it’s subject to editing as we go along for this ride.

Feedback not only welcomed, but encouraged. 😉